New Year 2014!


In a few hours we will say goodbye to 2013 and welcome 2014! Let’s take a moment to think what we did… to create new goals and make new resolutions. Whatever happened in 2013, good or bad, happy or sad, be thankful. 2014 brings new opportunities and new chance with it, so be ready to grab the opportunities and make your dreams come true!

This year I decided to be more confident and take more chances. To fear no failure. Fear no rejection. I will tell the boy I like how I feel. It’s now or never. Last night, I dreamt that I told him how I felt and everything worked out perfectly! I know it was just a dream… But sometimes dreams do come true..! What’s the worst that can happen? Not be his girlfriend? I was never his girlfriend anyhow! I will take this chance.

Happy New Year my friends!! Thank you for supporting me!! And remember, keep dreaming!!!  =)


3 thoughts on “New Year 2014!

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